It is one thing to seek to grow your site and attract as many traffic as possible and another to have it done practically. The use of adult backlinks can be such an easy way to go about it but it can also be disappointing if not properly selected. The phrase “Blowjob video lady swallowing enormous cock studio” is lengthy. An important word with a long tail isn’t the best option. Long-tail keywords are less competitive than broad phrases such as “blowjob videos,” which are pursued by thousands of websites due to their high search volume. They allow you to attract more traffic while competing with less.

It slows things down because not many people are searching for those terms. You can increase your earnings by selling a few additional affiliate products on your website. Long-tail keywords are far more straightforward to rank well for.

How do You go About Doing it?

When searching for an adult backlink, consider yourself to be the person looking for information. What are people looking for when they Google? Many individuals search the internet for pornstars and video production companies. Each article will benefit from links to these porn stars’ tag or category pages. If you want to generate money online with adult websites, you must search for adult keywords or conduct keyword research.

If you find the proper keywords, you could be able to make more money online. Keywords for a website should not be difficult to generate. You won’t need to spend money on tools if there are free ones available. I’ll show you both free and commercial tools for creating a keyword list. The first step is to search for pornographic sites using free keyword tools. Once this is done, check the ones that offer that has the most traffic and connect to your site.


Getting adult backlink from the most popular search engine in the industry is a plus to your site. The list covers everything and includes terms relevant to your field. I created a paper on the keyword planner. Adult keyword research and planning tool